Mission Books for Kids

How do you explain to an American child the value of a goat?  (or anyone in the western world, that isn’t a farmer)  When we send money to foreign lands for a family to receive a goat or a chicken, what could these little ones possibly think?  –so the children can go to school!  In our culture, we have to make the kids go to school.  They may wonder why anyone would want to go to school (if they didn’t have to).   Sometimes the best way to help them understand is to simply go there…through a book.  Books can transport us into someone else’s life.  They give us a greater understanding of how things work in the world.  Here are some great books that shine perspective on kingdom giving and the lives they can affect.

World mission: 

One hen  by Katie Smith milway  (How micro loans and improve the lives of many people and still maintain dignity of seeing their handy work.) Excellent

Beatrice’s Goat by Page McBrier (Such a sweet story of how a gift of a goat changed the lives of a extremely poor family.  The little girl was able to go to school and have a brighter future.)

Domestic Missions:

With the economic down turn, it would be good to alert the children of the needs of people in their neighborhood.  Often when we prepare them, they don’t over react when they encounter an opportunity.  The opportunity to show the love of Jesus to those in need.

Hunger and Homelessness by Cathryn Berger Kaye,  M.A. (This is a workbook to learn about homelessness.)

Uncle Willie’s Soup Kitchen by Dyanne Disalvo-Ryan (Uncle Willie shows his nephew what a blessing it is to serve in a soup kitchen.)

Fly Away Home by Ronald Himler (Homeless in the airport?  This is a story about a father and son that are homeless and live at the airport as his father continues to look for a job.)

Tight Times by Barbara Shook Hazen  (Tight times addresses the struggles of a small child when his families income decreases.  In the end, there is joy in the journey.)

December by Eve Bunting (Homelessness in the winter may sound desperate.  Even so, sometimes we can entertain angels without knowing it.)

The Lady in the Box by Ann McGovern (A story of how some children learned to be kind to a homeless lady. I know it is a crazy price at Amazon. Use the picture to know that you have the right book when you find it at the library.)

–If you know of books, on missions, you love to read.  Please share!  I would love to read them.

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