Know When to Go


Some of you may know that I have been struggling with chronic digestive disorders for years. I am currently doing my best to correct it through diet and lifestyle changes. If you want more information about this, hop over to my other blog: ( It has been a tough couple of years. Through a lot of prayer and counsel, I have stepped down from being a Sunday School teacher. It was step down or fall down. I have watched people in my life drag their feet on stepping down out of “their” ministry, when God is clearly calling them out. I know why. I felt it myself. No matter how much we say that this is really “God’s” ministry, we still find some part of our identity entangled in it. I felt a loss when I stepped down after 13 years. I knew it was right. That gave me comfort, but still God has not showed me the next adventure. To be honest, that is a bit unsettling. I want to “do” something, and I want to know what it is.  Sometimes I even want to give Him suggestions about what should be next. He just says, “Rest in Me and be present with the children I have given you.” It is good to step out before you fall out. What do I mean? We all know people who have held on to “their” ministry too long. Everyone but them seems to know that they are being called out. That often hurts the very ministry they have served for so long. I am not sure how this will effect I have years worth of Sunday school lessons that I haven’t posted. When I find time, I still intend to contribute in this way. Where will I be spending my time? The energy that is left after chopping, cooking, soaking and creating recipes (since you can’t buy a cookbook with only the foods I can eat), will be spent enjoying my family. Yes, everything is homemade with whole foods and everything is cooked. I am embracing this part of my new life. It may take 10 times longer, but with the Lord’s help I can do it with joy. I want my children to see this in me. There is no reason to see this as a loss. God is on the move, and He is not finished with His work. Change is not bad; it is a healthy part of life.

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