Bring Song into the New Year

Songs For Saplings

Songs for Saplings

Songs have the ability to stick in your brain better than any other memory aid.  Do you have songs in your mind from before you can remember?  Long ago before I gave my heart to the Lord, I was taught a song about the names of the New Testament.  I still remember all the books of the New Testament, at a time in my life when I find it hard to remember something someone said just two hours ago.  What is it about songs that imprint into our memory things we normally couldn’t remember?  What ever the reason, we parents and Sunday school teachers should use it to our advantage.  I am constantly on the hunt for well done, solid Bible songs for Children.  I am very excited to introduce you to Songs for Saplings.  They are talented, fun loving songs kids can sing along with, while etching the basic precepts of the faith into those cute little brains.  It is basically a sweat children’s catechism to song.

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