Whit’s End, a Destination Worth Exploring

Whit’s End is a super-duper great place to go. We are big Odyssey fans. So to our family, it’s like going to Disney.  Ice cream shop, 3 story slide and lots of imagination inspiring activities. They even have an amazing Christian bookstore. If you are planning a trip this summer that passes by Colorado Springs, CO, be sure to take time to stop by Focus on the Family.

Fruit Salad Gospel

Fruit Salad Gospel

Fruit Salad Gospel

As I was sifting through oodles of cool Easter object lessons and crafts, it dawned on me that I have just witnessed an amount of sugar that would sink the Titanic. Can there be a great Easter treat the children love, and we don’t have to feel guilt about supporting America’s sugar addiction? Also, it’s a time when those who have allergies get to watch others enjoying themselves and go home feeling excluded on a day of celebration. I’m totally convinced that there is a good and right path here. Jesus and his friends didn’t sit around eating chocolate bunnies and peanut butter eggs. This thought brought me to the most wonderful foods on the planet. I call them “God’s Candy,” good old fashion fruit. What do you think? Will they go for it? I’m about to find out. My taste testers have tried my trial run and give it two thumbs up. So this year we are going to do the Fruit salad Gospel!

Directions: Print out the little handout for the children and the big print out of the poem. I will be taping the print out to the front of the mixing bowl. Have the fruit cut and ready to dump, each in their own cups. Mix the coconut cream ahead of time. The coconut cream is the last to go on the salad, because His grace covers all. And it is the dressing. As you say the poem pour the corresponding into the bowl.

Download printouts:  Fruit Salad Gospel (click on link)

Fruit Salad Gospel Mixed

Fruit Salad Gospel Mixed


Fruit Salad Gospel

Red is for the blood He gave.
Put in: 1 c Strawberries

Green is for the life He saved.
Put in: 2 c Green Grapes

Yellow is for the sunshine bright.
Put in:1 can Pineapple chunks

Orange is for the moon at night.
Put in: 2 Oranges

Black is for my sins I made.
Put in: 1 c Blue Berries or black berries

White is for the grace God gave.

Purple is for His heart so sad.
Put in: 2 c Purple grapes

Jesus has Risen, I’m so Glad!

Colored Promises and Prayers Sweet, 

A Fruit Salad is God’s Gospel Treat.

Put in Last: Coconut Cream: 1 can coconut milk, 1 banana, 1/2 cup kefir

-Sherry Domer
Coconut Lamb Pops

Coconut Lamb Pops

Coconut Lamb Pops

This is another wonderful treat. I will be using the recipe from MissionMama to make coconut butter mints on lollipop sticks.


  • 3 c. coconut, raw
  • 7-14 drops vanilla stevia (10) -or- 1 tsp honey (plus 1 tsp vanilla)
  • 2 tsp (4 caps) Non-alcohol peppermint extract

Blend coconut with a high powered mixer until smooth and warm.   Add in stevia and peppermint.  Pour into a silicon mold and chill. If you don’t have a high powered blender use coconut butter.


  • If you don’t have a high powered mixer, use coconut butter. Just warm it a little to mix in the stevia and peppermint. Scrap it into the mold and cool.
  • Pint color: I used a dime sized piece of beet root to give the mints a dark pink color. In the high powered mixer, add the beet at the beginning with the coconut. After pouring and scrapping the hot pink mint mix into the mold, don’t clean out the blender. Just add the next batch of coconut to the hot pink left overs in the blender. This will give you light pink. Make white first or last, but not in the middle.
  • Different shapes: I buy neat-o shaped silicone ice cube trays for non-baking shaped candies. Place the silicon tray on a baking sheet. Pour the mix in and use a rubber spatchula to scrap the mix into the wholes. Bounce the sheet after you are done to get the bubbles to float to the surface. Place the tray and baking sheet into the freezer for quick results.
  • Stevia choices: I really like Now French Vanilla stevia extract. The amount of stevia depends on your adaptation to the sweetener. I have noticed that my family is able to handle more of the stevia sweetness as we get use to it. Your taste buds will adapt to it and not taste the bitterness as much. If you are new to stevia use less of the sweetener. It is better for it to be less sweet than bitter.
  • Honey would be a good substitute for stevia. Mix and sample it. Add honey until it is sweet enough. BUT add the peppermint BEFORE the honey. The peppermint will make it taste sweeter. I used 1 tsp honey and 1 tsp vanilla for mine.
  • One batch made about 9 Lamb pops.

Lent Prophecy Devotional and Calendar

Proph cal and mag

The Lenten Season is almost upon us!  What better way to prepare the hearts of the children (and families) for Easter than to study the prophesies surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The “Prophesy Path to Calvary” is a daily lenten devotional that covers 40 days of prophesy devotions referencing the Old and New Testament, with fun family activities and scripture reading during Holy Week (week before Easter).  It is a great way to combine family fun and learning with solid Biblical Truths.  Light a candle every night of lent to remember that Jesus is the light of the world.  The Crown of Thorns wreath is an attractive reminder of the coming celebration. During our family devotions, we also put one thorn in the grapevine wreath each day to remember the suffering that had to happen for our sins.

What do you get with the downloadable Kit? 

  • An informative 47 day Devotional (40days: Old Testament Prophecies, New Testament fulfillments and a devotional each day; 7 days: week before Easter object lessons and fun activities)
  • An awesome cross-shaped Calendar to follow
  • Graphics for a fun magnet to keep tract of your progression towards Resurrection Day (Easter Sunday)!
  • Directions to assemble this kit for the family fun and learning

What Does it Cost?

$15  for a downloadable copy Lent Devotional Kit (Click here for more information at my MissionMama.com store)

More Pictures:

Optional Activities: Teach your children about fasting with craft, activity and visual aid. Lent and Fasting (click to go to the lesson)

Lenten Crown of Thorns

Lenten Crown of Thorns

Lenten Devotional book open

Prophesy Path to Calvary Devotional

Vert cal mag

Devotional Calendar

Bubble Magnets

Bubble Magnets

  • 5/8 inch Floral Marbles (clear round, “disc-shaped” marbles)
  • E-600 Glue- dries clear and creates a super tight, waterproof bond
  • 1/2 inch Round extra strength magnets similar in size to your marbles.

Names of God Wreath

Names of God Wreath

Here in Oregon (Portland area) we have many different names for rain.  Each name is descriptive of a particular characteristic of the rain.  Same is true for names of snow in Alaska.  It is all snow, but their are different manifestations of the snow.  If you live in these areas, the names become second nature to you.  You wouldn’t think twice about using the correct distinction for the type of rain/snow you are experiencing.  This is true also for the Hebrew people and their names of God.  The different names of God don’t describe different gods, but particular characteristics of God.  The names come from our interaction with our God.  The more we interact with His great presence.  The more wonderful characteristics we will experience with our mighty God.  It is good to know the names of God and the character qualities they represent.  By doing this we can start to understand a more full knowledge of our God.  The more experiences we have with Him the more that understanding will grow.  It is not possible to achieve a complete understanding of God until we pass from this life, but let that not hinder our pursuit of know Him better.

The Lessons:

The lessons come from The Names of God by Institute in Basic Life Principles.  The teacher’s edition is only 15 dollars.  They also have a workbook  for kids with fun puzzles and coloring pages.  The kids workbook is only 5 dollars.  The biggest bummer is that the shipping and handling seems a little high.  The amount of information on each name can provide material for several Sundays.  We are only going to do one lesson on each name at the church.  The plan is to do one name each week leading up to Christmas.  During our time we are going to add one thing to our family wreaths that reminds us of that week’s name.  Each family will have their own wreath.  The children in that family will all contribute to the wreath.  The families have the option to buy workbooks for their children, as to reinforce the principle during the week.  The church could buy the books, but I feel it is more likely that the parents will remember to help the children if they buy the books. (The church is paying for shipping.)

Directions for Wreath/Craft:

Elohim: Creator (Green raffia for the creation)- green for Creator

  1. With a marker, have one of the children in a family trace the letters of Elohim.  Mark their initials inside the gray circle, laminate the tag and cut it out.  Punch a whole in gray circle, thread it with green raffia ribbon and give it to one of the children in the family to put on their wreath.  * It is easiest to get all of the tags first and laminate them together on one sheet of paper (depending on how many children you have).
  2. Cut 3” strips for each child.  The wide raffia can be torn into thinner ribbons, if you tear it the right way.  Tear with the grain, parallel to the wrinkles.  Have the children tie the green paper ribbon to individual vines in the wreath.  The families with multiple children can all work on the same wreath.

Adonai: Lord and Master ( Gold sparkle pipe cleaner crown or shrinky-dink)

  1. Like before have one of the children trace the letters of Adonai.  Mark their initials, laminate, cut out, and wait for the crowns to be done.  (punch the hole before placing it on the ribbon)
  2. There are two options here. The first is that you can make a crown out of gold pipe cleaners.  The second and my favorite is to color crowns with permanent marker on # 6  clear plastic containers. Look on or near the three arrow recycling triangle.  If it has a 6 you are in business.  Make sure the crowns are at least 2 inches tall and wide (they will shirk) and that there is enough room on top to punch a hole.  After they color them, cut them out, punch a hole (with a punch), place on a foil covered cookie sheet, and bake for 2-3 min. on 350.  You are looking for them to first curl and then straighten out (though significantly smaller they are done).  When cool, thread the hole with a thin ribbon of green raffia.  Have the children hang them on the tree.
  3. Use one of the crowns (for each family) to thread that family’s Adonai tag on the same ribbon.

El Roi: God who sees (Felt heart with an eye for He sees our hearts/ He see all)

  1. Have one of the children trace the letters of El Roi.  Mark their initials, laminate, cut out, and wait for the hearts to be done.  (punch the hole before placing it on the ribbon)
  2. Cut a heart out of felt or a wool sweater that has been wash and dried on high heat.  Have the children glue a wiggly eye onto the middle of each heart.  Using a large needle, thread a thin ribbon of green raffia onto the heart.
  3. Use one of the hearts (for each family) to thread that family’s El Roi tag on the same ribbon.

Jehovah Raah: Lord is my shepherd (twist red and white shepherd staff)

  1. Have one of the children trace the letters of Jehovah Raah.  Mark their initials, laminate, cut out, and wait for the shepherd staff to be done.  (punch the hole before placing it on the ribbon)
  2. Fold the white and red pipe cleaners in half.  Have the children twist the red and white pipe cleaners together.  Bend the top of the twisted pipe cleaners over to resemble a  candy cane/shepherds staff.
  3. Use a thin ribbon of green raffia at the top to make a loop for hanging the ornament on the wreath.  Select one of the candy cane/ shepherd staffs to thread through the hole in the Jehovah Raah tag.  One on each of the family wreaths.

El Shaddai: All Sufficient One –enough, all I need (communion cup, my cup runs over)

  1. Have one of the children trace the letters of El Shaddai.  Mark their initials, laminate, cut out, and wait for the shepherd staff to be done.  (punch the hole before placing it on the ribbon of the communion cup.)
  2. Clean the old communion cups with a water/bleach bath.  One capful of bleach/ gallon of water.  Rinse and dry the cups.
  3. Glue the a six inch piece of raffia (in the middle of the raffia) to a cleaned communion cup with tacky glue.
  4. Have the kids decorate the communion cups with permanent markers.
  5. Use a thin ribbon of green raffia connected to one of the communion cups to thread through the hole in the El Shaddai tag.  One on each of the family wreaths.

Jehovah Tsidkenu: God of Righteousness –light, holiness (Sun)

  1. Have one of the children trace the letters of Jehovah Tsidkenu.  Mark their initials, laminate, cut out, and wait for the shepherd staff to be done.  (punch the hole before placing it on the ribbon of the Beads.)
  2. Mix: 2 cups corn starch, 2 cups Baking soda, 1 cup salt, 2 cups water with 2 tsp yellow food coloring.  Heat over low heat until the clay thicken and looks like mashed potatoes.  Spread out to cool.  Let the children make any type of “light” they want to make.  i.e. sun, lamp, light bulb… Be sure the end product is at least 3/4 inch in diameter, up to 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  Too big and it won’t dry, too small and it won’t have a hole to hang it up.
  3. Make a hole the whole way through the ornament with a toothpick or sharp pencil.  Place the beads on squares of wax paper with the children’s names in permanent marker.  Place the squares on the baking sheet.
  4. Bake at 200 degrees for 1 hour.  (check every 15 min.) Let cool.
  5. Thread the thin ribbon of green raffia through the top to make a loop for hanging the ornament on the wreath.  Select one of the beads to thread through the hole in the Jehovah Tsidkenu tag.  One on each of the family wreaths.)

Jehovah Nissi: God is my Banner –victory banner (Red raffia banner “God is My Victory”)

  1. Have one of the children trace the letters of Jehovah Nissi.  Mark their initials, laminate, cut out, and wait for the shepherd staff to be done.  (punch the hole before placing it on the ribbon)
  2. Have one or all the children in a family alternating letter write the words “God is My Victory” on the Large red Raffia in big letter across the center.  The raffia should be 2 feet long, with “v”s cut out of each end, and the font can look something like below.  Be sure to keep the total length of the writing to one foot. God is my Victory
  3. With the words in the center of the wreath, glue the banner to the sides of the wreath.  Let the extra ends dangle on either side of the wreath.  (You might have to fold them and crease them down to keep the sides from sticking out.  Use glue if needed.)
  4. Use a thin ribbon of green raffia to thread through the hole in the Jehovah Nissi tag.  Attach it on one of the sides of the banner.  One on each of the family wreaths.

**Hang all of the beautifully decorated items on the family wreaths as you go.

***Be sure to mark the NAMES Of The FAMILIES doing on the appropriate wreaths.

Hiding God’s Word

One of the biggest challenges to hiding God’s word in little hearts is that these very litteral and visually sweeties have a hard time picturing the concepts of words in the Bible.  Songs have always been a very powerful reminder of words.  Putting the visual and songs together is an amazingly powerful tool for a teacher.   TotallyTots.blogspot.com and BibleStoryPrintables.com has created visual bible verse handouts to support the learning of SeedFamilyWorship.net Bible verse CDs.  You can listen to samples of the CDs on Seeds Family Worship Amazon Link .  Just pick one and check them out.  They are really excellant.