Ten Commandments: Wk 2

Nothing is Above God: Week Two

Nothing is Above God

Finger Signs (based on ASL)

1.  Worship God alone (1 index finger up to Heaven)
2.  Nothing is above God (2 index and middle fingers, shake your head-nothing)
3.  Be careful how you use God’s name (3 fingers, cover your mouth)
4.  Keep God’s day of rest and worship (4 fingers, lay your head on your fingers-rest; then wiggle your fingers, moving them up towards heaven-praise)
5.  Honor your dad and mom (5 fingers, touch your thumb to your forehead-dad and then your chin-mom)
6.  Don’t hurt people (6, flick your little finger using your thumb-like hurting someone and shake your head-no)
7.  Be faithful to your husband and wife (7, touch your ring finger to your thumb and point to your ring on that finger- marriage ring)
8.  Don’t steal anything (8, touch your middle finger to your thumb and gesture like you are picking something up and shake your head no)
9.  Always tell the truth (9, touch your pointer finger to your thumb and then touch your pointer finger to your month and move it away-truth)
10.  Be happy with what you have (10, shake your thumb side to side, and shake your head)

Bible: Deuteronomy 5:1-8, Deuteronomy 9:7-28

Lesson Day Two: Golden Calf
The first four commandments are about worshiping God with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might.  1. “Worship God alone.”  2. “Nothing is above God.”  3. “Be careful how you use God’s name.”  4. “Keep God’s day of rest and worship.” That means dolls aren’t about God, cars and houses aren’t above God, other people aren’t above God.  Can you think of other things that aren’t above God?  I’m going to tell you about a time when the Israelites made something and put it above God.  Now God told Moses to go up onto the mountain with him.  Moses was there for a long time (40 days and 40 nights).  The Israelites got bored and thought that Moses died and that they should make themselves a new god.  Not a good idea!  Moses was on the Mountain with God getting the Ten Commandments.

Important Point: Worship God alone and Nothing is above God.

Directions Day Two: To prepare: Print out Moses: Golden Calf, Worship God Alone Card and Worshiper.  Cut the card on the dotted line and fold the paper in half like a hamburger, while you fold the cut piece toward the opening of the card.  Cut apart the Worshipers and have the children color a Worshiper and “x” out with a big red“x” the calf.  Glue the bottom of the card to the Moses: Golden Calf paper and glue the Worshiper to the bottom of the cut piece to make a pop up Worshiper.  Spread glue on the inside of the card around the worshiper and sprinkle with glitter.  Let it dry open.  Practice remembering the Ten Commandments.
Materials: Colors, glue, scissors, glitter.

Activity: Remembering the Ten Commandments challenge.  If they remember, they get a prize.

Ten Commandment wk.1 & wk.2 (Click to download the pdf)

*Last week and this week are the same.  Choose what you want to do.


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