Ten Commandments: Wk 3

Be Careful How With God’s Name: Week Three

Be Careful with God's Name

Bible: Exodus 32-34 and Deuteronomy 9-10

Lesson Day Three: Be careful how you use God’s name.

Have ever been around someone that said “Jesus” or “God” and they really weren’t asking for His help or praising His name?  They may have been angry. Maybe they were never taught not to use His name in bad ways.  God told us in the Ten Commandments not to use His name in bad ways.  God and Jesus’ names are very powerful, you hurt the people around you as well as yourself by being careless with their names.  Be sure to only use the name of God and the name of Jesus in ways that would make them proud.  After all, they are listening.

Your words are very important, so be careful how you use them.  Words are like this toothpaste.  (Show them a full toothpaste tube.)  Once they come out of your mouth, they are impossible to put back in your mouth.  Just as this toothpaste is impossible to get back in the container once it is out. (Try to get it back in.  Have some of the children try.  It really is impossible.)  Your words are important!  Be careful how you use them.  Be careful how you use God’s and Jesus’ names.

Important Point: Be careful how you use God’s name.

Directions Day Three: 9 page mini book
(For ten you have to put two commandments on one.)  Help the child write the commandments on each page.
Fold page in half (9 towards 8 ) *Distinguish 6 from 9.
2. Fold page in half again (7 towards 3).
Fold page in half again (5 towards 5).
Open twice and cut the fold in the middle (5 from 3 and 1 from blank).
Open each half again and cut (3 from 7; 4 from 9),  *Distinguish 6 from 9.

6. Put the pages in numerical order.


1. Fold a piece of construction paper in half (width wise).
Then in half again.
And then in half again.
Open up the folded paper twice and cut along the fold in the middle (width wise).
Open up each piece and cut each piece on the center fold so that you have four tall books (6. Meaning the books are folded along the long side.) 7.  Place them in numerical order, add the cover and staple.  Label the Commandments.
Have the children draw a picture of the commandment on each page.
Scissors, colored construction paper, stapler, glue and crayons.  For the object lesson you will need a full tub of toothpaste, a knife and a plate.

Be Careful with God’s Name pdf (Click to download the pdfs)

Youtube Video: Jesus Painting by cosminghiu


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