Ten Commandments: Wk 1

Worship God Alone: Week One

Worship God Alone

Worship God Alone

Location: Map of the Middle East: Moses wanderings, Mt. Sinai – Mount Horeb

1. Worship God alone (Golden calf)
2. Nothing is above God
3. Be careful how you use God’s name (toothpaste, heart slide to dirty tongue or to clean, dirt mouth?)
4. Keep God’s day of rest and worship
5. Honor your Dad and Mom (fold out hands with obey for long life)
6. Don’t hurt people
7. Be faithful to your husband and wife
8. Don’t steal anything (eyes that shut and open, when someone is watching or not, God always watching)
9.  Always tell the truth (lip in a pop-up card)
10. Be happy with what you have (flip up house with a happy person and flip up happy/sad face. Everything is Gods!!!  The more you have the more responsible you are for it.)

Finger Signs (based on ASL)

1.  Worship God alone (1 index finger up to Heaven)
2.  Nothing is above God (2 index and middle fingers, shake your head-nothing)
3.  Be careful how you use God’s name (3 fingers, cover your mouth)
4.  Keep God’s day of rest and worship (4 fingers, lay your head on your fingers-rest; then wiggle your fingers, moving them up towards heaven-praise)
5.  Honor your dad and mom (5 fingers, touch your thumb to your forehead-dad and then your chin-mom)
6.  Don’t hurt people (6, flick your little finger using your thumb-like hurting someone and shake your head-no)
7.  Be faithful to your husband and wife (7, touch your ring finger to your thumb and point to your ring on that finger- marriage ring)
8.  Don’t steal anything (8, touch your middle finger to your thumb and gesture like you are picking something up and shake your head no)
9.  Always tell the truth (9, touch your pointer finger to your thumb and then touch your pointer finger to your month and move it away-truth)
10.  Be happy with what you have (10, shake your thumb side to side, and shake your head)

Day One (Ten Commandments)

Bible: Deuteronomy 9, Exodus 34

Lesson Day One: The children of Israel were in the desert near Mount Horeb where the Lord had lead them.  He wanted to make an agreement or covenant with them, because of his great love for them and his promise to Abraham.  So he wanted to tell them the right way to live to please their Holy God.  He told them in a great big voice and then he told Moses to come up on the Mount so that he could write the Commandments down on stone.  Moses was up there for a long time (40 days and 40 nights)  and while he was up their the Israelites already started to disobey.  The stone tablets were broken and God had mercy enough to write another set.  Moses is reminding the Israelites of the consequences of their disobedience so that they will do what is right and obey him.

–Read Deuteronomy 9:8-11 to the children–

Written on the stone tablets is what we call the Ten Commandments.  If you follow these commands you will have a good life.  The Lord gave them to us because He loves us and wants us to live well.  We are going to learn these commands so that we know the right things to do.  (After the lesson, tell the children the Ten Commandments using the finger signs.  Sing the Ten Commandment song and do the activity.)

Important Point: The Ten Commandments are God’s good words to live by.

Directions Day One: Print out Moses: Ten Commandments (Bottom page) and The Ten Commandments and cut the flaps of the top page.  Glue the top to the bottom.
Have the children color the bottom pictures and the flaps if you have time.  Practice remembering the Ten Commandments.  Allow them to take their papers home to help them practice.
Materials: Colors (crayons, markers, or pencils), glue, scissors

Activities: Remembering the Ten Commandments challenge.  If they remember they get a prize.

Ten Commandments 1 handouts (Click to Download pdf of activity sheets)


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