Ten Commandments: Wk 9

Be Happy with What You Have!

Don't want another's

Bible:  Deuteronomy 5:20, Prov 12:22

Lesson Day Nine:  Be happy with what you have.

Have you ever wanted something that someone else got as a gift? –A doll, a car, a computer game, an iPod?  There are lots of things to want.  Did you know that if you had those things, you would want something else?  Even the richest people in the world want things others have.  –So it isn’t really about money.  What do you think it is about?  –The heart.  A heart that doesn’t trust that God is good and that He will give you everything you need to do the job He wants you to do.  The tenth commandment is so important, because if you are not listening to it, you are not trusting God.  That doesn’t mean that we should sit around waiting for things to fall from the sky.  No God created us to work and as long as we are putting Him first with our money, time, and energy, we can save for things that we want to have.  In the process we are learning good character traits.   What kinds of things do you think we can learn from saving money for the things we want?  -Patience, perseverance, peace, hard work.

We get good things that money can’t buy us, by waiting and saving.  What happens if you don’t wait?  –Broken relationships, stealing/jail, separation from God and no peace.  If you don’t take care of wanting things others have, your heart will start to get angry at the person.  You will start to listen to lies from the devil.  Lies like, “She always gets more than me,” “That’s not fair,” or “They don’t deserve that good thing.”  There are many, many more lies that you can listen to inside your head, but shouldn’t.  Why?  Because the truth is that God is good, and if you follow Him, He will give you everything you need to do His purpose.  That is much more exciting than getting what you want, when you want it.  God’s words always come true.  We get good things when we follow Him and bad when we don’t.

Important Point:  Be happy with what you have.

Activity Day Nine:  Be Happy with What you Have Activity.

–Beforehand write the directions on index cards.–

Wrapping Paper Side:

Card one, wrapping paper side:  

  • On one side of the paper make cuts to the middle.  Do that every inch to the end of that side.
  • Roll up the wrapping paper starting at the side that is adjacent to the cut side.  Roll it tightly and tape the roll in place. (to form a broom)
Card Two, wrapping paper side: Sweep up the crumbs from the paper towel side

Paper Towel Side:

Card one, paper towel side: 

  1. Fold in half at a diagonal.
  2. Fold it diagonal again.
  3. Fold it in half (on the long side).
  4. Fold in the long side’s corners.  -The napkin should stand up.

Card Two, paper towel side:  Eat the crumbly cookie on the paper towel.

(Pack some cookies in baggies for the group to take along if there are a lot of small children in your group.)

Directions on Day Nine:  Divide the class into two groups.  Give one side a large piece of shiny wrapping paper to each person and the other side one sheet of paper towel each.  Let them talk about the things they got and if they like the other side’s thing better.  Ask, “Does anyone want what the other side has?”  Say, “I am going to give each side a direction card.  After I give you the card no one can switch.  If you want what the other side has you can switch now.”  Let them switch if they want to.  Give each side their card and the stuff to follow the directions.  (If everyone switches, you follow the directions for the empty side.)  After they are done with the first directions (card 1) give them the second set of directions (card 2).

Wrapping paper side:

  • Sweep up the crumbs from the paper towel side.
  • Paper towel side:  Eat the crumbly cookie on the paper towel.
  • (Pack some cookies in baggies for the group to take along if there are a lot of small children in your group.)

Materials:  A roll of wrapping paper, tape, scissors, roll of paper towels, crumbly cookies, sandwich bags.


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  1. Melissa Wanat says:

    I love this lesson and what to try it. I am not clear on some of the directions. Does each child on each side get a wrapping paper or paper towel or one per group? When is the cookie/s given ? And what would be an example of the follow up discussion after the lesson?
    Let say for 6 years.


    Melissa Wanat

    • Sherry says:

      The big picture: At the start of the game, the wrapping paper looks so much better than the paper towels that the other side gets. It is shiny and more colorful. The wrapping paper side may be saying to themselves…wow our stuff is better. The paper towel side may look at the wrapping paper side and wish they had gotten the shiny wrapping paper. When the instructions are being followed, it will not be clear that the paper towels were the better gift. They will have to follow the instructions by faith. After they finish with the instruction cards, the final part of the game comes. It is revealed that the wrapping paper children have made a broom with the shiny paper and the paper towel children have made a napkin to receive a cookie. The gift that was the shiniest is now used to clean up the crumbs of the gift that didn’t seem as important. The idea is that often we think that the ordinary things in our lives are not as important. But the most ordinary can turn out extraordinary, and the shiny things can give us more work. Be happy with the good things that God has put in our lives, even if they don’t seem as grand as others. After the wrapping paper side does a little sweeping, sit them down and give them a cookie too. We don’t want to torture anyone in class (just make a point). I hope this clears things up for you. Thank you so much for asking the questions!
      Blessings, Sherry

  2. Melanie Findley says:

    Hi! I love your lessons, but I can’t find Commandment #10?

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