Ten Commandments: Wk 8

Don’t Steal Anything and Always tell the Truth

Don't Still Anything and Always Tell the Truth

Don't Still Anything and Always Tell the Truth

Bible:  Deuteronomy 5:19, Eph 4:28, Lev 6:2

Lesson Day Eight:  Don’t steal anything and always tell the truth.

Stealing is taking something that isn’t yours, without the owners “OK.”   Who here has taken a cookie that was cooling on the counter, when you knew your mom didn’t want you to take it?  -If your not raising your hand, we may have something to talk about when we get to the “lying” section of today.  Is it stealing? –Yes.  “The truth will set you free.”  How many of your parents would get mad and ground you until you are thirty, if you said, “I’m sorry mom/dad, I took a cookie while they were cooling.  Will you forgive me?”  What happens if you didn’t take a cookie but you saw your sister/brother take one, when you knew it was wrong? What should you do? Should you try and get them in trouble by telling on them?  “Mom he took a cookie when you said not to” (say it whiny).  You should go to that brother or sister and tell them that what they did was wrong.  Ask them to go to mom/dad and ask for forgiveness.  Tell them if they do not, then you must tell.  Telling mom/dad directly without helping them to do the right thing is tattling.  Confessing what you saw when you have tried to help them is confession.  If you see a crime and don’t report it, you are part of the crime.  You have not told the truth.  If you steal, tell what you did and ask for forgiveness.  It will set you free.  If you see someone steal, confess the truth. (If it is your friend, brother, or sister, ask them to confess first.)  Stealing and telling the truth are connected.  In both cases the truth will set you free.  Not necessarily free of consequences, but free of the sick feeling inside you when you don’t tell the truth.  When you lie you are not thinking of God, but of yourself.  God is always watching.  He knows what you are doing/did even when you think no one knows.  That is why you feel sick inside.  The stealing and lying are a trap.  They block you from getting to God.  But the truth will set you free.  Even if you have consequences, you will feel God’s peace of doing the right thing.  The truth will set you free.

Important Point:  Don’t steal anything and always tell the truth.  The truth will set you free.

Directions Day Eight:  Print out the Don’t steal anything and Always Tell the Truth papers.  Fill up a balloon: half filled with water and half filled with air and tie it shut.  (If you have a large class, use fine ash from a fire place, dark colored baby powder, cocoa powder or black finger dusting powder).  Be sure that your index finger prints are on a jar with cookies.  In front of them heat the water end of the balloon.  When the flame touches the balloon it will make soot on the balloon.  Use the brush and dust the soot onto the brush.  Use the brush to carefully dust the jar until you fine a finger print.  Using the sticky side of the clear packing tape, press it onto the print and carefully life the tape up.  The print should be on the tape.  Press the tape onto a white piece of paper.  Use a pencil to color really hard on a small part of the white paper (until it is really dark gray) your index finger onto the dark gray pencil mark and then press it beside the clear tape with the finger print.  Compare…am I the person that touched the cookie jar?  Pass out the Don’t Steal Anything and Always Tell the Truth papers and graphite pencils.  Have them glue on the wiggle eyes under, “God is Always Watching…”.  If you don’t have wiggle eyes, print the papers that have eyes already on them.  Have them color as hard as they can in the color box without breaking the pencil.  They can press their finger into the graphite color and press it onto the cookie jar.

Materials: Balloon, a candle with a stand, a match/lighter, a small brush, a large glass/ceramic jar with cookies, clear packing tape, graphite pencils (one for each child), large wiggle eyes (two/child), pencil sharpener, liquid glue.

Ten Commandments 8 and 9 Handout (Click to Download)


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