Creation Adam and Eve

Adam and Eve Disobey God

Adam and Eve Disobey God

Title: Adam and Eve disobeyed God
Location: Garden of Eden

Bible: Genesis 3 NIrV

Adam and Eve loved the garden God made for them.  There were all different kinds of foods to eat in the garden.  What are some of your favorite foods?
They could eat fruit off of hundreds of trees in the garden all except one.  The bible says that the serpent or snake tempted Eve while they were near the tree in the middle of the garden.  The tree God told them not to even touch.  The serpent told Eve that she could be like God if she ate the fruit God said not to eat.  God had told them that they would surely die if they eat the fruit of the tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil.  The serpent lied and told Eve that she would not die.  She had to decide if she believed God or the talking snake.  She chose not to believe God and at the fruit.  She gave some to Adam.  Adam chose to disobey God and ate the fruit.
God was taking a walk in the Garden that evening and called for Adam and Eve.  They were hiding behind a bush because they had noticed that they didn’t have any clothes.  God asked them if they had eaten from the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.  Adam and Eve said, “Yes.”  They were very sorry that they had disobeyed God.  God was sorry too.  God gave Adam and Eve clothes and told them that they had to leave the Garden, but God said that He would go with them.  After they left God put an angel with a flaming sword at the gate so that they couldn’t come back.
Because we are all part of Adam’s family, we all have sinned.  What is sin?  Sin is the bad things we do.  Disobeying God is sin, just like Adam and Eve.  God tells us the good things to do in His 10 Commandments.  Do you remember the 10 Commandments?

Ten Commandments Finger Signs (shake your thumb side to side-10, Hand up like “hello” the other hand in the shape of a “c” slides down the up arm from fingers to elbow)
1. Worship God alone (1 finger up to Heaven)
2. Nothing is above God (2 fingers, shake your head-nothing)
3. Be careful how you use God’s name (3 fingers, cover your mouth)
4. Keep God’s day of rest and worship (4 fingers, lay your head on your finger-rest; then wiggle your fingers moving them up     towards heaven-praise)
5. Honor your Dad and Mom (5 fingers, touch your thumb to your forehead-dad and then your chin-mom)
6. Don’t hurt people (6, flick your little finger using your thumb-like hurting someone and shake your head-no)
7. Be faithful to your husband and wife (7, touch your ring finger to your thumb and point to your ring on that finger-marriage ring)
8. Don’t steal anything (8, touch your middle finger to your thumb and gesture like you are picking something up and shake your head no)
9. Always tell the truth (9, touch your pointer finger to your thumb and touch your pointer finger to your month and move it away-truth)
10. Be happy with what you have (10, shake your thumb side to side, and pat your belly with upward strokes with a flat hand-happy)

Important Point:
We have all sinned and need to be forgiven.

Print out Adam and Eve Disobeyed God and Adam and Eve, one for each child.  Use the Popsicle stick template to create Adam and Eve-Two Popsicle people for each child.  (Cut one Popsicle in half and glue it to the top of another, perpendicularly- as the template shows.)  Cut around the heads and clothes and glue one head to each Popsicle person.  Cut out the whole bush box.  Glue along the sides and bottom on the back of the bush and place the bush to the right of the tree.  It should make a pocket for the Adam and Eve Popsicle people and the snake.
Allow the children to color the clothes, Adam and Eve Disobeyed God, and one Popsicle for the snake.  It would be best to use markers for the snake, and they can continue to use them for the rest of the coloring.  Glue the clothes on to the sticks after they are colored.
Materials: Popsicle sticks (4 for each child), scissors, markers, white liquid glue (like Elmer’s), stick glue.

Adam and Eve Pdf of crafts (click to download)

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  1. Donnie says:

    I would love to know if I could buy a book with all the stuff in it to copy that makes the 3 ring binder book you have on you tube ? Thank you so much 🙂

    • Sherry says:

      Funny you should ask. I have published the first of three years that is totally reproducible, and gives the artwork and lessons for one year. I have been working on how to sell it. I will try hard to put a paypal botton up on this website as soon as I can.

      • jherrera says:

        I just found your website. Neat ideas! You could sell this on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teachers Notebook. They are easy to manage and you would have an instant audience of Christian School Educators, such as myself, and homeschool parents. Good luck!

  2. Linzee says:

    Hi! This lesson is great! Do you have a PDF or file with the activity?

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