Abraham Goes

Abraham is Called

Location: Map of Middle East

Abraham Packing to Go

Bible: Genesis 12

Lesson: Abram (Later to be called Abraham) lived in Haran with his family.  His dad and sisters and nephews all lived near him.  He likely had a very large extended family.  God came to Abram and told him he must leave this land where his family lived and move to a new land.  God didn’t tell him where he was to go.  God said it would be a land that he was going to show Abram.  So Abram listened to God and he packed up his Wife and nephew and donkeys and cows and camels and toothbrushes and followed God.  Abram had faith to follow God even though Abram didn’t know where God would take him.  And because Abram listened to God, all the world was
going to be blesses.  We are blessed by Aram’s faith in God.  And Jesus was the great, great, great…..grandson of Abram!

Important Point: By faith Abraham followed God.  We can follow God with our faith too!  When God says go…Go!

Direction: Print out Abraham’s Suit case, Abraham’s Suitcase Stuff and God Calls Abraham pages.   Print the Map of the Middle East in the inside of Abraham’s Suitcase.  Fold the suit case in half with the words on the outside.  Glue the word-less side of the suit case to the blank space on the God Calls Abraham page.  Have the children color the suitcase and the clothes/things.  When they are done playing with them at the end of class, you may want to staple the sides to create a pocket for the stuff (to keep it from falling out).
Materials: Pages: Suitcase, clothes/things, and God Calls Abraham, glue, scissor,

Abraham is Called

Abraham is Called (Click to download pdf)

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  1. Deb says:

    I love this activity. Thanks for sharing. I have bookmarked your site for future reference.

    God bless.

  2. Lynn C says:

    Yes!! This is a wonderful lesson and activity!! Thank you so much!

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