Easter Lapbooks

Resurrection Egg Lapbook Lesson

This is a great craft to do for Sunday school on Easter Sunday or to use at home to teach them about Jesus’ death and resurrection. It could also be used as a part of a larger Lapbook. This lapbook has the option of adding a “touch and feel” section.

Resurrection Eggs folderart (Click to download pdf)


Inside of egg carton

Instructional Video

Modified Resurrection Eggs Lapbook

I didn’t cutout the the bumps out like on the ones I made at home (that way we could use the paper cutter to cut them out). We made a pattern for an egg and trace 12 eggs for 24 lapbooks (288 traced eggs, yikes). That is a lot of eggs! Next time I’ll find or make a stamp! Confession: I did have a very sweet friend help me. Thank you Amanda!

Lapbook Link: The Story of the Easter Egg (from Lapbooklessons.com)

Lapbook Link: Resurrection Game (from Biblestoryprintables.com)