Spring Holiday Crafts 2012

Holy Spirit Flame

Holy Spirit Flame

It is important to prepare for the up-and-coming christ-centered holidays.  Here are a few ideas for Valentines, Lent, Passover, Easter, Mother’s Day and Pentecost.

Valentine February 14th – Hand print flowers


Lent starts February 22nd

  • Prophecies of Jesus Devotional (40 Ways in 40 Days, plus Easter Week Object Lessons)–coming soon
  • Pull out a thorn for every day of Lent, until Easter when all is made right.


Passover April 6th-13th

Passover with Jesus

Passover with Jesus

Moses’ Passover, communion and Jesus’ Passover are under my Sin and Forgiveness lessons one and Sin and Forgiveness two.

Easter April 8th




Mother’s day May 13 – tea cup with flower or candle


Pentecost May 27th

  • Volcano: The Holy Spirit is like a volcano. Ordinarily it seems quiet, but there is much power when the spirit acts.


  • Hair Dryer:  Can’t see the Holy Spirit, but you can see the things it does.  You can also float a pingpong ball over the hairdryer.
Holy Spirit Hair Drier

Holy Spirit Hair Drier

  • Holy Spirt Top


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