Resurrection Egg Tea Event

Fancy Tea Party

Imagine an event in which the kids (both boys and girls) can dress-up, eat treats, have tea (kid friendly type), and be told of Jesus in a fun-loving, interactive way.  A great Easter event idea that can spread the real story of Easter and show the kids how much Jesus loves them.  A wonderful thing about this is that a group of any size can make an event like this possible (big or small church, neighborhood, family, scout troop…)

Items Needed:

  • A set of Resurrection Eggs for each table (4-8 at a table) -FamilyLife Today has a great set of eggs.  Make your own (click to link).
  • Tea (green tea, coconut milk (for dairy free), cream/whole milk, honey)
  • Treats (try to keep it low-sugar, if possible)  sandwiches and fruit
  • Flowers (daffodils from people in the church and/or balloons, depending on budget)
  • Tables, chairs and napkins
  • Tea cups and tea pots, plates and silverware (You may have people bring their own.)
  • Hostesses (You will need one for each table to facilitate the story and help with tea.  I will be enlisting the help of our teens from the youth group.  It is a good leadership opportunity.)
  • Kids Easter Movie (Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol, Miss Patty Cake’s Egg Strava Ganza, or God Rocks! Bibletoons: Rez the Rock that Rolled )

Attire: The boys dress up in “men of courage” costumes, i.e. firemen, astronauts, policemen, business men, engineers…  Ladies dress in “Lady of Noble Character” costumes, i.e. princesses, Ester, Amy Carmichael, Ruth…

Treats:  I’m planning fruit and flowers.  I will be using finger fruit such as grapes, berries, bananas… Maybe some triangle sandwiches.  Be sure to have gluten free/ dairy free options, for example rice cakes and Sun Butter (sunflower seed butter).

Tea:  Make up huge pots of green tea.  Be sure the tea is not too hot.  You should be able to touch it with your finger and not be burned.  Have a honey bear at each table and some coconut milk and whole milk/cream.

Activity:  At each table there is a hostess and on each plate there are 1 or 2 of the Resurrection eggs.  Also at the end you can have a sing-a-long with Christian children’s songs.

Parents: The parents can stay to take pictures, help serve the tables (get stuff for the hostesses), and help clean-up while the children watch the movie.

Resurrection Egg

Order of Event:

  1. Music as people come and are seated.  You can have some extra costumes/ hats for  those who forgot.
  2. Have a Hostess for each table to facilitate the story of Easter with the resurrection eggs.  (“Who has the egg with a one on it?” Or you can use the color of the eggs to distinguish them.  Let that child open their egg and allow them to tell you what they think that item means to the story of Easter.  Go through all the eggs in order.  Be sure that every child gets to participate.)
  3. Tea, treats and chatting (Hostesses helps with the treats, tea preparation, and make sure no one is left out of the conversation.  You want everyone to feel welcomed and loved.)
  4. Sing-a-long (Some kid friendly Christian songs for the kids to sing together, i.e. Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Loves the Little Children, My God is so Great…)
  5. Say good-buy and glad you came to every child at your table.  If the church has enough flowers/ balloons give one to each child to take home.
  6. Easter Kids Movie (Veggie Tales: An Easter Carol, Miss Patty Cake’s Egg Strava Ganza, or God Rocks! Bibletoons: Rez the Rock that Rolled )

***Clean-up:  Parents help clean-up while the children watch the movie.

Boy Tea

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