Lent 4: Baptism of Jesus

Jesus’ Baptism

Bubble Paint

Bubble Paint

Bible: Matthew 3:1-17

Catechism: 89.  What is Baptism? -A believer is put under the water as a sign of dying to the sinful nature and rises up out of the water to a new life with Jesus.  Rom 6:3-5

90.  What is the purpose of baptism? -The purpose of baptism is to publicly tell everyone that Jesus is your savior.  Gal 3:27

Lesson: Baptism says to everyone that you believe in Jesus and will obey Him.

You go down into the water your old dirty self and come up out of the water new clean self.  It says to everyone, “ I asked Jesus to live in my heart.” (boldly point to yourself)
How to Baptize: Have a baby doll/ Barbie-like doll with clothes and made dirty with mud.  Dip the doll in water and show the children how baptism is done.  Pretending the doll is a person say “Have you asked Jesus to come into your heart to forgive your sins and clean your life?  Have you decided to obey Jesus with your whole life?  Because you have said that Jesus is Lord of your life I baptize you in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit.” –Go down into the water old and come up out of the water new–

–Read Matthew 3:13-16 in the Bible–

Important Point: Baptism is a “public announcement “(cup you hands around your mouth and say this part loudly) that you asked Jesus to live in your heart.

Direction: Print out Baptism of Jesus and Dove.  There should be one dove and one print out for each child.  Cut out the doves.  Have the children color the Baptism of Jesus page.  Put glue on the back of the body and head of the dove and allow the children to glue the dove to the top of the dove printed on the Baptism of Jesus page.  If your class has the ability they give the children scissors to cut on the dotted lines of the dove to represent feathers.
Alternative:  I always thought it would be neat to glue feathers to the birds wings and tail if you have the resources.
Materials: bowl of water, doll, mud, colors, scissors, and glue sticks (optional: white feathers)

Materials for Lesson: Large bowl with water, plastic doll/ Barbie-like doll, mud or washable paint mixed with dish soap, NIrV Bible (Have the pages book marked), towel

Bubble Pictures

Bubble Pictures

Baptism of Jesus (Click to download pdf)

Bubbles Art: Mix 1/2cup liquid dish detergent with 1/2 cup water and add blue food coloring and pour mixture into a baby food jar.  Cut a small whole into each straw.  (To prevent swallowing the mixture)  Place the bubble mixture jar in the middle of the picture.  Blow into the mixture until the bubbles over flow.  Then pop the bubbles.
Materials: a bath towel.  Dish detergent, blue food coloring, scissors, straws, baby food jars/bowl.


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  1. CathKC says:

    I was looking for a last minute idea on teaching baptism of Jesus to preschoolers. I love the idea of using water and a dirty doll. So visual and memorable. Thanks so much!

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