Lent 2-3: Prayer

Lent 2: Prayer (ACTS)

Bible: Matthew 6:5-15 and 1 Thessalonians 5:15-18

Lesson Prayer 2: (Bring in a Telephone and pretend it is ringing.  Answer it as though God is calling you.  Then, you call God and tell Him something you are sad about.  You can repeat it with something you are happy for, and then something you are afraid of…)  At this point you should have every little ones attention.  “Prayer is talking and listening to God.”  There are certain things we want to be sure to say to God. And this is how you remember them.
T-Thank God for things he has done (can you think of thing you are thankful for?)
E-Elevate God or lift up His name (“God is so Great! And Wonderful and powerful”
L-Lips (with our lips we TELL him bad things we have done (Are there things you have done wrong that you want to say sorry to God?), and ASK for heart things. (Are there things on your heart you want to ask God for?))
E-Ear (You hear with your ear.)  You need to listen to God, because he will answer you.  Sometimes he tells your heart.  Sometimes he tells you in his Bible.  And sometimes he tells you from others who love Jesus.
T-Thank God
E-Elevate God, He is so Great!
L-Lips: Tell and Ask God(point of lips)
E-Ear hears God(point to ear)

Important Point Prayer 2: Prayer is talking and listening to God.

Direction Prayer 2: Print out Prayer is Talking to God and Prayer Phone top, one for each child.  Cut out the phone handset and heart phone on the Prayer Phone Top page.  I like to print the Prayer Phone Top on a different color of paper, like red.  Cut on the dotted line of the Phone top so that you can fold back the bottoms to reveal the answers.  Punch out the circle on the handset and the phone top to attach a string or ribbon from the base to the handset.  I would make the string a foot and a half each.  Glue the sides and bottom of the phone top onto the base picture on top of the heart.  This should create a pocket to hold the handset for storage.
Materials Prayer 2: A home Telephone(next week is a cell phone), scissors, glue, colors such as crayons, string or ribbon (1.5 feet per child).

Lent 3: Prayer (continued)

Lesson Prayer 3: Prayer is Mobile-Where and When:
Show the children the mobile phone.  What is this?  -phone.  Can I take it anywhere?  I used this mobile phone to show you that prayer can go anywhere.  Can I call on God even in places I can’t use my phone.  Act out calling God.  Ask the children, “Where can you pray?”  -Anywhere.  Ask the children, “When can you pray?  -Anytime.  Prayer is mobile.  That means it goes with you.  So you can pray any where and at any time.  There is never a time or place you can’t pray.  Ask them again.  Where can you pray?  When can you pray?  What is prayer?  -talking to God.  What did we learn last week about how we can pray?  The way we remembered the things we wanted in our prayer is by the word, “Tele.”
T-Thank God
E-Elevate God, He is so Great!
L-Lips: Tell and Ask (point of lips)
E-Ear hears God(point to ear)

Important Point Prayer 3: “Prayer is Mobile”  You can talk to God anywhere and anytime.

Directions Prayer 3:
Print out Prayer Goes with You and Prayer Mobile Top, one for each child.  Cut out the Prayer Mobile Top and fold it at the top of the phone.  (The antenna should be folded down towards the phone.)  Glue the top of the Mobile Top to the top of the Prayer Goes with You phone so that the phone opens like the Mobile flip-phones.  Pretend to call God on the paper mobile phone.
Materials Prayer 3: A Mobile phone (preferably a Flip-phone, but any will do), scissors, glue sticks, and colors.

Lent 2-3 prayer craft pdfs (click to download)


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