Revelation of John

Shiny Church

Bible: Revelations 1

Lesson: Jesus is the light of the world. His light never goes out. When we believe in Jesus, his light will live in us. We can be shiny! Other people can see Jesus’ shiny light inside of us. When John, a disciple Jesus loved, was really old. He was put on an Island, away from people. While John was praying, Jesus came to him. Jesus told John to write letters to seven churches to tell them the good and bad things they are doing. When you love Jesus you obey him and your lamp will be bright. Jesus loves his churches so much he wants them to be bright. Do you want to be bright and shiny for Jesus? –so did John. Jesus reminded the churches how to please God. 1. Love God more then everything (more than toys, and cookies and even ice cream), 2. Love other people more than yourself, 3. Believe Jesus’ words and do them. We can be shiny too! A church is a bunch of shiny people that love Jesus and do what He says. The brighter the people the brighter the church. Do you want Jesus to shine in you. You get to help make our church brighter by following Jesus.

Important Point: Jesus is the light of God. You can have Jesus’ light in you.

Direction: Print out Lamp Stands of the Seven Churches. Glue another sheet of paper (like a pocket with the top open) to the back of the Lamp Stands of the Seven Churches. Cut circles in the top of the lamp stands (Easiest: hold the paper so that the dotted circles are folded in half and cut on the dotted half circle) Cut 2 inches of the long edge off a piece of black and a piece of yellow construction paper. Fold the yellow and black construction paper in half long ways and cut along the folder line. Tape the yellow half piece of paper to the black half of construction paper along the new long sides. (You should have a whole piece of construction paper with a yellow top and a black bottom.) Slide the yellow/black sheet in the pocket of the Lamp Stands of the Seven Churches.
Materials: 1 extra sheet of white printer paper for each child, 1 yellow construction paper and 1 black construction paper for every two children, scissors,tape, and glue.

Revelation of John (Click to Download pdf)

Learning Moments: This worked really well. I would have loved to include candles to make my point, but I thought that it would have been a little dangerous for preschoolers. We also started our Christmas “learning” craft. This year I am doing an “Advent Jessie Tree Daily Devotional.” My Pastor is getting on board to write up the devotionals. I’m going to insure that they are at a “kid” level and get them out to you. It is so amazing to be allowed to join God in the things he is doing. More about the Jessie Tree later.

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