Rev.: He’s Coming Back!

Revelation: Jesus is Coming Back!

Location: Map of the Mediterranean

Bible: Revelations 19:6-9

Lesson: Jesus is coming back! Did you know that Jesus is coming back to get those who love him? When you ask Jesus to live in your heart, it is like a wedding promise. You promise to love, honor and obey Jesus as long as you live, just as a bride and groom promise to stay together. In the time Jesus lived here on earth, a groom and bride would promise to get married. The groom would go and build a home for them or add on to his father’s house. When the home was ready, he would come back to get his bride and they would a great big party, called a wedding feast. Jesus promise to come back to earth and get his bride too. His bride is the church. Those who love Jesus will get dressed-up in white and go to a great big wedding party. What kind of food do you think with be at the wedding party? –cakes, cookies, BBQ chicken… Even with all of that wonderful food, the best thing of all will be that we get to live with Jesus forever and ever. While we wait, we should be helping Jesus bring as many people as we can to the wedding party. Because only those who know and love Jesus will be able to come.

Important Point: Jesus is coming back! There will be a great big wedding party to celebrate.

Direction: Print out Jesus is Coming Again. Have the children color the sheet. Give them the glitter paint and brushes to make the bride and groom shiny.
Materials: Brushes, glitter paint, crayons, water and cup. (a few paper towels “just-in-case”)

Revelation second coming ssp (Click to download)

Learning Moment: It was a lot of fun dressing up in the old wedding dress. But be sure to bring safety pins if the dress is “really” old. The zipper was broke and tiny safety pin didn’t keep it together.

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