Peter’s Chains

Peter’s Chains- Prayer Works!

Bible: Acts 12:1-19
Lesson: Who here prays? (Let them respond) I pray too. Why does God want us to pray? He knows everything, but he wants us to ask! He wants us to use our words. Do your parents ever tell you to use your words? When we ask , we are telling Him; we trust Him and we know He is powerful. Do you think God hears your prayers? (Make a paperclip chain bracelet to show the children. “This reminds me that God hears my prayers.”)
Peter was in jail because mean King Herod wanted to hurt him; the king was going to kill Peter the next day. That night Peter’s friends that believed in Jesus gathered in a house were no one could see them. And they Prayed. They asked God to help Peter. They were so sad that Peter was going to be killed they probably cried while they prayed. Big people cry too when they are sad. As they were crying and praying to God for Peter an Angel came to Peter in Jail and the room was bright with light. The Angel woke Peter up and the chains on his wrists fell off. He got up quietly because there were guards sleeping on either side of him. He followed the angel out; the doors were unlocked for them; and Peter tiptoed by one set of sleeping guards, and then by two sets of sleeping guards. They walked right out of the Gate of the Jail and down the street. Then the angel disappeared. Peter went to the house where the people were praying for him and knocked on the door. Rhoda, a servant girl, recognized Peter’s voice and ran to tell the others that were praying for Peter. She was so excited she forgot to let Peter inside. Peter’s friends didn’t believe her. Peter had to knock again. When they opened the door to let Peter inside, they were amazed. Prayer works! God will hear us when we pray, and He will answer us. In Peter’s case, they were happy with the answer. He doesn’t always answer the way we want Him to answer. God always knows best and He is always on time.
What are some of the answers God gives? Sometimes He says “yes.” Sometimes He says “no.” And Sometimes He says “wait.” He is always right! Make sure you pray because prayer makes God happy.

Important Point: Prayer works! God will hear us when we pray and he will answer. (Yes, no , wait)
Direction: Print out Peter’s Chains. Connect two paper clips together and staple one to the wrist of Peter. Repeat on the other side. Have the children color the page with crayons. Have the children color the page.
Materials: Colors, stapler, Large metal paperclips,
(If you don’t have paperclips you can make small paper chains, with tape and strips of paper. Use 1/2 inch strips, cut in 3 inch pieces. Tape the first one in a circle on to Peter’s wrist and then the other wrist. Have the children tape a circle together and loop the next one through the hole and tape that circle together. And so on and so on. Be sure to cut a bunch of pieces of tape and place them half off the table where they are sitting. Or you can give them sets of pieces on a piece of wax paper. You connect the chains to Peter’s Chains paper.)

Peter rescued from jail ssp (Click to download the pdf)

Learning Moment:

I’m so proud of my helpers. What good sports they are. The kids really enjoy the older kids helping, and it gives the older kids a sense of purpose. They were really paying attention and enjoying the lesson. Most importantly, they remembered the main point. Later on that day, my neighbor asked my daughter why she had a paperclip bracelet on her arm…and she told him that it was to reminder her that God answers prayer! All praise goes to God!

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