1 Corinthians 13- Summer Sunday School III

Week Three: What Does the Bible Say God’s Love Can do?

Lesson week three:
When we know how God loves us than, we can know how God wants us to love others.

1. Perfect love makes fear go away. 1 John 4:18 says “18 There is no fear in love. Instead, perfect love drives fear away. Fear has to do with being punished. The one who fears does not have perfect love.” (NIrV)
Object lesson: Jesus is the living water right? Well, we are going to pretend that this water is God in you, and this oil is fear. (pour oil into the water to create a very thin layer on top of the water.) Now, I want to do the things God wants me to do. So I am going to get some living water. (put your hand in the oil/water. yuck) See how the oil is between God and me. (Let them put their fingers into the water.) Do you get wet or mostly oily? That is what happens. Fear gets in the way of the good things God has for you me. Now we are going to pretend that this soap is God’s love. See how the soap/God’s love traps the fear? That is what God’s perfect love does. God’s perfect love traps the fear and gives us protection, courage, and rest. Remember those who have Jesus in their hearts know of a hope others don’t know about. The hope that this life is not all there is. After we die we will go to Heaven. Remember your hope and God’s love will kick out the fear.

2. God’s love never fails. (Psalm 136 CEV, 1 Corinthians 13:8 NIrV) All the things that we would like to have or love to play with, will get old and fall apart. And even if they don’t fall apart, the Bible says that we can’t take them with us. Our job here on earth is not to gather as much cool stuff as we can. Our job on earth is to allow God to love others through us, to gather as many people to Jesus as we can. We are part of a team. “God’s team!” (Someone squirts soap (God’s love) into the jar. Maybe someone else squirts more soap into the jar. And someone pours off the oil all to help others get closer to God. The church is called to help each other. And to show others how cool God’s type of love really is.)

3. God’s love has the power to save people. (Luke 19:10, Psalm 91:14) Love will give you the power to love those who are not lovely. Loving the way God does, tells people how wonderful God really is. Many will see and want to follow. (pour the oil off the top. Explain that when others see you living the and loving the way God tells us to live in the Bible, others will want to live that way too.) We will talk more about this next week.

Important Point, week three: Fear gets in the way of the good things God has for us, but perfect love casts out all fear, never fails and can save others.

Direction week three: Put 3 drops of oil based coloring into a 1/4 cup of oil. Have one cup of water in a quart size mansion jar. (clear) If you can’t find oil based coloring, use food coloring to color the water instead of the oil.
Materials: Oil based coloring (cake coloring), 1/4 cup oil, glass jar, dish soap, a damp soapy towel.

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