Prophecy Devotional and Calendar

Proph cal and mag

The Lenten Season is almost upon us!  What better way to prepare the hearts of the children and their families for Easter than to study the prophesies surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The “Prophesy Path to Calvary” is a daily lenten devotional that covers 40 days of prophesy devotions, with fun family activities and scripture reading during Holy Week (week before Easter).  It is great family fun and learning.  Light a candle every night of lent to remember that Jesus is the light of the world.  In our devotions we also put one thorn in the grapevine wreath each day to remember the suffering that had to happen for our sins. The devotional comes with a calendar and cut outs to make magnets.

Optional Activities: Teach your children about fasting with craft, activity and visual aid. Lent and Fasting (click to go to the lesson)

Lenten Crown of Thorns

Lenten Crown of Thorns

Directions for Crown of Thorns Centerpiece: A great interactive center piece!  Using a grapevine wreath, stick 46 toothpicks into it.  Each devotional time of Lent, light the candle and remove one of the toothpicks.  Easter day they will be all gone…He has Risen! (The centerpiece is not included in the price.)

Lenten Devotional book open

Prophesy Path to Calvary Book

Directions for Devotional:  Print out the devotional 2-sided and fold it in half.  Staple along the center fold.

Vert cal mag

Directions for the Calendar:  Print out the “Cross” Calendar. Laminate it and place magnets on the back corners. Cut-out as many crown magnets that you want to make, laminate and place magnets of the back of them. Hang the calendar on the refrigerator or other metallic surface.  Use the magnet/magnets to show current Lenten Day. You can use one magnet/day or one magnet to move around the path of the cross.

Bubble Magnets

(Optional) Directions for Bubble Magnets: 

  • Floral Marbles (clear round, “disc-shaped” marbles)
  • E-600 Glue- dries clear and creates a super tight, waterproof bond
  • Round extra strength magnets similar in size to your marbles.
  • 1 toothpick and wax paper (to work on)

Print and cut-out “Crown Magnet Circles.”  Place glue on the back of a disc-shaped marble, place the nice printed side of a “Crown Magnet Circle” on the glue, glue a plain white circle to the back of that Crown Magnet Circle,  and glue a round magnet on the back of the paper circles.  Let it dry.