Shepherd’s Night Party

Christ-Centered Christmas Fun!  Shepherd’s Night

Shepherd Night 2009

Shepherd Night 2009

For five or so years my family and I have been celebrating Shepherd’s Night at our church.  It started off at our house (with a fire in the fire place) and as the multitude of angels grew, we moved to our church.  It is great Christ-centered Christmas fun!  We dress up in “Nativity” costumes, make a fake fire, sing Christmas carols, tell the Christmas story, drink hot chocolate and eat some-mores.

  1. Invite people…invite the whole church!
  2. Compile words for the Christmas Carols you intend to sing
  3. Provide as many extra costumes as you can (bath robes, towels and strips of cloth)
  4. Create the fake fire
  5. Dress up as an angel, shepherd, star, or animal
  6. Make the some-mores in the oven
  7. Make the hot chocolate (We add a separate non dairy version.)
  8. Program:  tell the story from Luke, sing carols, eat and socialize
  9. Clean up with help hopefully

The Littlest Angel

Some-more Recipe (baked in the oven)

  • 2 packs of large marshmallows
  • 10-12 chocolate candy bars  (1-2 dark chocolate bars, non dairy)
  • 2 boxes of graham crackers

Spread tin foil over cookie sheets.  Lay 1/2 graham crackers on flat on the sheets.  (make 1 layer of them)  Place 2 sections of chocolate bar on each graham cracker.  Place 1 large marshmallow on top of the chocolate sections.  Bake for 3 min. on low broil, until marshmallows are golden brown.  (Your oven may be different so watch them carefully.)  Immediately after they come out sightly push the top of the other 1/2 of graham cracker on each marshmallow bundle.  Serve Immediately and enjoy!

Dairy free Hot Chocolate

You can buy chocolate soy milk.  But I recommend chocolate almond milk.  Sorry if you live on the east coast, it will be hard enough to find soy milk.  I’m not sure you will find almond milk.

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