Santa’s Workshop for Kids

Crafts are Great!

Crafts are Great!

Santa’s Workshop shows the kids that everyone, no matter how small, can be like Santa and give gifts. Of course giving gifts wasn’t Santa’s idea, it all started with the King of the World giving us gifts. Because of the kindness God showed us, we can freely give. And such fun it is too!

Kids love doing crafts and here is an opportunity for them to shine. The gifts I chose are multi level, useful, and fun to make. It is important that the children have the ability to put their style and personality into a craft, so that is also a consideration I took into account when picking the gift choices. These crafts are all gluten free! Including the clay!

Dad’s Gifts:

Mom’s Gifts:

For Santa’s shop to be fully stocked I will need a few donations that you may have sitting around your house.

  • Bits of candles
  • Dryer lint or sawdust
  • Egg cartons
  • Cotton candle wick
  • Lavender stems/buds
  • Epsom salt
  • Scraps of pretty fabric
  • Large bag of flax seeds
  • Permanent markers
  • White mugs
  • Letter stickers
  • Small glass Jars
  • Corn starch
  • Elmer’s school glue
  • Thin Ribbons



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