Christmas 5: The Temple

Anna and Simeon’s Prophesy at the Temple

Anna and Simeon with Jesus

Bible: Luke 2:22-38

Lesson: Do you remember when God had Moses write down some rules. Those rules helped the Israelites stay close to God. Joseph and Mary needed to take baby Jesus to the Temple to be dedicated and Mary cleaned. They offered a sacrifice to God. (a sacrifice is something you want to keep but you give it back to God because you trust him.)
In the Temple that day was a very old man, Simeon, and very old women, Anna.
The man, Simeon, was told by God that he would not die until he had seen Jesus with his own eyes. So the day Jesus was there, the Holy Spirit told him to go to the place Jesus was in the Temple. (A Temple is like a church) When he saw Jesus He was so excited!
–Read Luke 2:29-38 to the children from the Bible.

Important Point: God’s plan to for Jesus is told before it happened.

Prophesy: Something amazing that is said and comes true later.

Directions: Print out Simeon and Anna, Witnesses; Simeon’s Prophesy To Jesus; and Anna Rejoices and cut out, one for each child, Simeon’s Prophesy and Anna Rejoices. Cut 2-3inches pieces of red or green ribbon for each child and glue one ribbon to the top of Simeon’s Prophesy and one to the top of Anna Rejoices. Have the children color Simeon and Anna, Witnesses and use gift stickers to attach Simeon’s Prophesy beside Simeon on the Simon and Anna, Witnesses page and Anna Rejoices beside Anna.
Materials: colors, scissors, red or green ribbon (6inches/child), glue, Gift Stickers. If you don’t have Gift Stickers print out the Gift Sticker Pictures below and glue them to the page.

Simeon and Anna’s Prophesy (Click to download pdf)

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