Christmas 4: The Nativity

Christmas is Jesus’ Birthday

"Baby Jesus" in a manger

Bible: Luke 2:1-20

–Read the Luke 2:1-20 from the Bible.–
It will be a passage they have most certainly heard before, so they should under stand it.  You may still wan to act it out with a nativity scene.  If they are still confused try using the Nativity Story I have written to hand out.

Important Point year 1:
Christmas is Jesus’ Birthday

Directions Year One: Print out The Nativity.  Make plastic birthday candles.  Print out Birthday Candles, cut them out and laminate them.  Then cut around the laminated candles.  If you don’t have a laminator, use wax paper and an iron.  The directions are at the bottom.  Have the children color the picture as they listen to the Christmas story from Luke.  Have a Birthday Party for Jesus.  Tell the Christmas store from Luke let the children act out the story with puppets.  Have cupcakes with laminated candles, ice cream and play games.
Materials: Crayons, cake, ice cream, puppets and games.

Nativity worksheets and patterns (click to download)

Program: Have the children dress up in boxes wrapped with Christmas Paper.  (Use large boxes and cut out a whole in the top for a head and the sides for arms.)  And/or we had the children parade up to the front with individually-wrapped Hostess Cupcakes with the pretend candles sticking out the top.  They sang “Happy Birthday Jesus” and “We wish you a Merry Christmas.”
Materials: Large Boxes, wrapping paper, scissors, tape, Bows, individually-wrapped Hostess Cupcakes, and laminated candles.

Gifts to Children: Flannel Graph Nativity (Click to link to post)

Nativity flannel featured

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