Nativity Diorama

Nativity Diorama Craft

Nativity Diorama picture

Directions: Print out Nativity Diorama Left Side, Nativity Diorama Right Side, and Baby Jesus Diorama.   The easiest way to mass produce this diorama is to make one as a template, cut to top 1 inch off all of them, and place dots where you need to cut and fold before you start.  Make a cut on the center fold starting at the bottom and continuing 4 inches.  Fold both 4 inch flaps in toward the inside of the manila folder.
2.  Cut out a 4×4 inch square of manila folder and fold it in half.  And cut a 3/4 inch slit in the middle of the fold (perpendicular to the fold).  Glue each side of the baby Jesus to the top inside edges of the folded square.  (It is like a swing for the baby holding the top edges closer.)
3. Cut out a 2 x .5 inch rectangle of manila folder to fit in that bottom slit.  (This is a stand for the manger and it must extend past either side of the top “v.”)
Materials Year Two:  Stick glue, scissors, Manila folders (a little over 1/child)

Nativity Diorama (Click to download)

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