Chrsitmas 3: Angel and Joseph

Joseph’s Dream

The smiling angel visits Joseph

Bible: Bible: Matthew 1:18-25 (Read 1:18-23, Paraphrase 1:24-25) NIrV

Lesson: A long time ago in Israel a man and a women didn’t get married like we do today.  If someone, like Joseph, wanted to marry a woman, like Mary.  He would go to her house and talk to her dad.  If her dad thought he would be a good husband, he would say, “OK you can marry my daughter.”  The daughter, Mary, would have a choice to say “yes or no.”  If she said, “yes” they would be married and the man would go home and build a house for them.  When the house was finished then they would have a wedding and go live in the house.  When the Angel came to Mary and told her she was going to have baby Jesus, she was waiting for Joseph to finish their house.  She had never even slept in the same house with him.  So when Joseph found out Mary had a baby in her tummy, he didn’t believe it was God’s son.  He thought she didn’t want to marry him anymore and he was sad.  Mary could be killed if anyone found out about the baby.  So in his mind he was going to be quite about not getting married to her. (shhhh) Marry was very sad, but God had a plan.  God saw Joseph’s good heart inside and he sent an angel to tell Joseph that Mary had Jesus in her tummy.  Joseph was very happy and got married to Mary just as they planed.

Important Point:  You can trust God all the time.  (Especially when you are sad)

Directions: Print out Joseph’s Dream.  Paint the angel with glue.  Tear off pieces to tissue paper.  Have the children place the tissue paper on the glue.  You may need to add more glue.  If there is a lot of time, have the children make blankets with tissue paper to place on top of Joseph.
Materials:  glue, paint brushes, yellow and white tissue paper

Activity: Bring pillows and blankets and pretend to sleep.
Materials: list, of, materials

Christmas 3 Joseph ssp (Click to Download)

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