Christmas 1: Angel and Zechariah

The Angel Comes to Zechariah

Zechariah and the angel

Lesson: There was a priest named Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth that were very old.  They obeyed God and did the things He wanted them to do.  But they were sad because God hadn’t given them any children-make a sad face.  They prayed very hard for a little boy or little girl, but they didn’t get one.  God wanted to give them them a special little boy, but they didn’t know they had to wait.  God wanted to do a miracle.  A miracle is something that happens that only God could do.  They had to wait for many years.  Have you ever waited for something you wanted?  How about a present at Christmas time?  They had to wait many “Christmases” for this present.  (This happened right before the first Christmas.)  Here is how it happened:
While Zechariah was working at the Temple of God.  He was picked to go into to the “Holy of Holies,” a special place that only a priest could go into and only once a year.  While he was in God’s special place, Zechariah saw an angle.  He was very scared! -make a scared face.( Luke 1:13-20)
–From the Bible, read Luke 1:13-20 to the children.–
When Zechariah came out of the Temple to the people praying outside, he was flinging his arm in the air and moving his mouth but nothing came out-flail your arm and mouth words excitedly.  Everyone know something special had happened but no one could hear what it was.  Zechariah went home and his wife got a baby in her tummy and when he was born they called him John.  When he grew up people called him John the Baptizer.  Because he baptized people who were sorry they had done bad things that made God sad.

Important Point:  All God’s words will come true.

Directions: Print out Zechariah and the Angel and have the children color the picture.  Squirt some glitter glue (or glue) on the angel and have them spread it on the angel with a paint brush.  (If using glue, have them sprinkle the paper with homemade or store bought glitter.)
Materials:  glue and glitter or glitter glue, paint brushes, colors

Activity: Dress up as an angel to tell the story of the miracle of John the Baptists birth.  He is to be the Elijah that prepares the people for the Messiah.

Christmas 1 Zachariah ssp (Click to download)

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