Nativity Flannel Graph

Homemade Nativity Flannel Graph

About five years ago, I had the bigger kids in our ministry help make the little kids a Nativity Flannel Graph.  They had great fun and learned more about giving.  I couldn’t find the patterns I used at the time, so I created some more.  This is a fun activity for the children.  Flannel graphs are like puppets.  It is, to me, hard to figure out why children love them.  I am always amazed at the impact these simple things have on the children.  Here is an easy craft to help the children engage in the story of Christmas.

For Each Child:

  • 1- 12×9 inch piece of cardboard
  • 1- 12×3 inch piece of tan felt
  • 1- 12×6 inch piece of dark blue
  • Tan: 4 bodies, 1 baby head
  • Brown: 1 manger, 2 stable legs, 1 stable top, 1 dress, 1 head band
  • Turquoise: 1 dress, 1 head band, 1 head dress
  • Red: 1 dress, 1 head band
  • White: 1 baby body, 1 sheep, 1 angel wings, 2 head dresses
  • Yellow: 1 head dress, 1 head band, 1 dress, 1 Manger hay

Directions: Print out Nativity Story (one/child). Print out patterns for the Nativity Flannel Graph. Cutout patterns, cardboard, and felt (one set for each child). 1. glue the dress on top of the body 2. glue the head dress on the head 3. glue the head band on the head dress 4. draw the smile and eyes on the faces 5. glue the wings on the back of the angel 6. glue the head on the baby and draw the face smile and eyes on the head 7. glue the manger hay on the top of the manger 8. draw the ear and eye on the sheep 9. glue the tan 12×3 and the dark blue 12×9 on the front of the cardboard side by side. 10. set the nativity scene up and place in the zip lock
Material: Cardboard, liquid glue, scissors, small black permanent marker, dark blue/turquoise/tan/brown/yellow/red/white, gallon zip lock bag

Nativity flannel graph (Click to download patterns)

Merry Christmas!

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