Mission Nutrition eBook

eBook only $15.00 Up Date on my Life: For the past few years I have been taking classes in Holistic Nutrition and Herbalism. I am now a Board Certified Holistic Nutrition consultant with a Christian perspective. I am finishing up the final edits to my new book, Mission Nutrition. It is 124 pages long, has […] Read more »

Whit’s End, a Destination Worth Exploring

Whit's End in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a place worth visiting. Our family is a Huge fan of Adventures in Odyssey. So for us, Whit's End is like going to Disney. It has the Soda Shoppe, a three story slide, and many ways for the kids to use their imaginations. I particularly enjoy the amazing bookstore, where each of the kids got their own free copy of Club House/ Clue House Jr. Magazine. The atmosphere is so friendly, and they even have a free Birthday Party Room! Focus on the Family is really blessing the area with this wonderful place. Read more »