Know When to Go

Some of you may know that I have been struggling with chronic digestive disorders for years. I am currently doing my best to correct it through diet and lifestyle changes. If you want more information about this, hop over to my other blog: ( It has been a tough couple of years. Through a […] Read more »

Whit’s End, a Destination Worth Exploring

Whit's End in Colorado Springs, Colorado is a place worth visiting. Our family is a Huge fan of Adventures in Odyssey. So for us, Whit's End is like going to Disney. It has the Soda Shoppe, a three story slide, and many ways for the kids to use their imaginations. I particularly enjoy the amazing bookstore, where each of the kids got their own free copy of Club House/ Clue House Jr. Magazine. The atmosphere is so friendly, and they even have a free Birthday Party Room! Focus on the Family is really blessing the area with this wonderful place. Read more »

Hiding God’s Word

Source: via Mission on Pinterest Source: via Mission on Pinterest One of the biggest challenges to hiding God’s word in little hearts is that these very litteral and visually sweeties have a hard time picturing the concepts of words in the Bible.  Songs have always been a very powerful reminder of words.  Putting the visual […] Read more »

Exercising Temperance

Picture from member 11209 url Temperance:  The other day on Breakpoint, Eric Marcus described a word I haven’t heard in years…temperance.  If there is one word our society needs to revisit it is this idea of temperance.  Since it is one of Catholicism’s four cardinal virtues (I should find out what the rest of them are.), […] Read more »

Advent Good Works Chain

We are doing something that is super fun for the kids and the parents love it too! The Good Works Chain for Advent is a traditional paper chain with a twist.  -The kids have to earn the links.  It will be fun to see how many links they can collectively acquire.  I plan to string […] Read more »