Sin Nature and New Nature

Teacher Carol Extraordinaire Mrs. Carol is my great friend, mentor and Co-Sunday School conspirator. She is a wonderful teacher and has a deep burden to teach the children Biblical truths. And I must say she is a bit of an eccentric renaissance-woman extraordinaire, and I love it. Because we took time to remember the brave […] Read more »

Easter Sunday 2010

Resurrection Lesson Bible: Matthew 21-28, Mark 11-16, Luke 19-24, John 12-21 Lesson: Resurrection Story Puppet Show Important Point: Jesus is alive and I can be too! Direction: Modified Resurrection Egg Lapbook. Materials: Colors, scissors, and glue. Extra activities: Color Gospel Pin from Oriental Trade Company Easter Story Puppet Show ssp (Click to download pdf) The […] Read more »

Palm Sunday and Sin and Forgiveness II, Communion

Palm Sunday and Sin and Forgiveness II, Communion Bible: Matthew 21:1-11 Lesson: It was almost time for Jesus to go into Jerusalem. He told two of His disciples to go into the village and bring to me the first donkey and colt you see. If the owner says, “hey, where are you taking my donkeys. […] Read more »

Lent: Sin and Forgiveness I

Passover Lent: Sin and Forgiveness I Bible: Exodus 12 Lesson: What is sin?- Sin is the bad things we do. Does everyone sin? –yes, the bible says that everyone sins. Who was the first to sin?- Adam and Eve. In the Garden of Eden when they disobeyed God. God said do not eat from this […] Read more »