Fruit Salad Gospel

As I was sifting through oodles of cool Easter object lessons and crafts, it dawned on me that I have just witnessed an amount of sugar that would sink the Titanic. Can there be a great Easter treat the children love, and we don’t have to feel guilt about supporting America’s sugar addiction? Also, it’s […] Read more »

Lent Prophecy Devotional and Calendar

The Lenten Season is almost upon us!  What better way to prepare the hearts of the children (and families) for Easter than to study the prophesies surrounding the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. The “Prophesy Path to Calvary” is a daily lenten devotional that covers 40 days of prophesy devotions referencing the Old and New […] Read more »

Allergy Free Chocolate Almond Butter Easter Eggs

Does Easter’s arrival make you nervous?  All that not-so-healthy, wonderful-looking stuff sitting right beside your seaweed and apples–it hardly compares.  It is so much worse for children.  We don’t mind being tortured every-now-and -then as adults, but they hate it and can’t understand how to suffer in silence.  I’m not sure there are very many […] Read more »

Resurrection Egg Tea Event

Imagine an event in which the kids (both boys and girls) can dress-up, eat treats, have tea (kid friendly type), and be told of Jesus in a fun-loving, interactive way.  A great Easter event idea that can spread the real story of Easter and show the kids how much Jesus loves them.  A wonderful thing […] Read more »

Prophecy Path to Calvary: A Lenten Devotional

Preparing Our Family’s Hearts for Easter! There is no better way to reinforce our trust in who God is, then to review the prophecies God made in the Old Testament and the fulfillment of them in the New Testament as it pertains to Jesus’ death and resurrection.  Great preparation for Easter!  My pastor wrote the […] Read more »